My "server room" (or junkyard, scrap heap, ... :)

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It looks like this:


Click on comments to see what all this is ...

1. Apple G4, borrowed. Mac OS X just doesn't touch me. Too graphical.
2. SGI Indigo2. Really Nice Machine. Its smaller brother, Indy, is living in the livingroom above as a graphical terminal (21" screen, baby!)
3. Old Umax scanner. SCSI :)
4. Drawers, full of pc hardware. You can find everything from RLL/MFM controller and disk to gigabit NICs, from hercules (monochrome!) cards to radeons 7500 (currently my most modern gfx card).
5. Stacks of sparcstations, spare parts.
6. Micro VAX 4000-200. Equipped with 32mb memory and two gigabyte disks I think. Has ethernet, but has no SCSI. Nice for heating up the room :) I also have a matching VT320 terminal (green! :)
7. Current test rig, PII 350MHz on 440BX board. Very worthy, because it has one big passive heatsink (=silent). Here it's stuffed with disks, two of them are already in the click-of-death phase.
8. THE Keyboard, made by IBM. You konw, the one you can use instead of hammer.
9. Many things below there. On the left is the disk enclosure for my mail spool, which is attached to the sparc below (gateway & private web server). Below is another sparc, used for boring stuff like dhcp, dns & tftp. Below of it all is a nice big APC UPS.
10. My first color monitor. Still works :) Now mainly used as handy console. 14" = portable :)
11. Main file & mail server. 3ware 6800 takes care of the storage, which sits in front of it :)
12. Some IBM fibre disk array, temporary here on test.
13. CPU drawer of an AlphaServer 4100. Dual 450w PSUs just for 4 CPUs ... this baby is even warmer than the VAX.
14. 300m drum of cat5 cable - you never know when you need to wire your house. On top of it sits a Cisco 1600 - the smallest "proper" router, IOS and all that.
15. More history - including fully loaded 386 board (387 fpu, 32mb ram :), some 486 boards and two p200 boards.
16. Similiar disk enclosure as left of 9, but this one is wide scsi. For Alpha.
17. Cardbox full of old PSUs (the connectors, man!), vms manuals and smaller parts.

If you're interested in all this mess, I can talk more about any item you see here. And maybe some more ... Just ask :)

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