How you do things?

24 02 10 - 13:10

This blog post often comes very handy in various discussions. In today's small busnisess with startup mentality, the question of how to do things is often ignored and all focus is put on getting things done. Since my job is to make things repeatable, with predictable result, I must focus mostly on how, which creates all kinds of interesting situations.

And how do you see yourself?


Learning from mistakes

16 02 10 - 13:49

I was baking this post in the back of my head for about half a year. Two events finally forced to convert it into writing - google admitting a breakin and my discovery of a particular FAA site.

I remember myself as a kid, playing with legos and wanting to build thing with them that legos physically werent capable of. Even back then I wanted to do more with my toys than what they were meant to handle. I carried this over to computers, which soon lead me to linux & BSD world of free unices, where one has all the chance to use the computer in a way he sees fit instead of bowing your head and using it in a way someone else (like Microsoft and more recently Google) intended. This path surely involves lots of experimentations, some failures and some successes, lots of thinking, analyzing, more or less correct presumptions, causes and effects, etc. In general, I developed my own sistematic approach to a problem. Each new solution always consists of past expiriences and here is where my gripe lies.