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  • How airplanes fly
    By now I'm sure you've all seen that elementary school show: airfoil, airstream, Bernouli, pressure difference, lift. Boom, magic gone. However, there's much more to it th
  • Spirals
    With my curiosity and passion for innovation I often discover patterns around me that appear as pendulum motion, from one extreme to the other, back and forth. Plotted on
  • RDMA and Brain computers
    Recently I've been doing some work in the HPC world. Doing that naturally includes some preparation and get-to-know browsing of the popular news sites related to the topic
  • Learning from mistakes
    I was baking this post in the back of my head for about half a year. Two events finally forced to convert it into writing - google admitting a breakin and my discovery of
  • Can't sleep ...
    In nights like this, when my biorythm is synced to some place on the other side of our planet and my mind is wandering around, I usually take a nice long night walk in an

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