Can't sleep ...

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In nights like this, when my biorythm is synced to some place on the other side of our planet and my mind is wandering around, I usually take a nice long night walk in an attempt to follow it.

I go say hello to the crows, continue through the sleeping town to the river, follow it upstream, past the little hill with a church, turn west trough the fields and follow the rails back home. Or I go to the fields past the pharmaceutical factory, across the road to the little patch of trees and back. Or I drive to the nearby airfield and walk by its only runway. Either way it's at least one hour of walking.

So I walk in the muddy fields, trying to follow my mind ... which jumps around like a wild animal ... one moment it's all high and jumpy, full of joy about my recent achievement at my workplace, then next moment it falls down in the mud and drags behind my feet because it got some unpleasant association from that memory ... then notices a rabbit and runs across the fiel ... a rabbit, in this dirty polluted field! Then it stops suddnely and comes back, whining about pollution, ugly people and all bad that's going on around the world ... And then it's back on my shoulder, dreaming about what's still left on this planet to enjoy ...

See, it's not easy to be me. A coworker once said that I'm both a radical technocrat and a romantic hippy ... maybe, but that's just me and my mind.

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