How I see modern Air Traffic Control

17 02 08 - 01:24

A few years ago I started expanding and overlapping my hobbies. Obvious overlap between being a system administrator (and integrator and architect) and flying is Air traffic control or ATC. I joined the virtual flying community and observed the procedures there and visited Slovenia Control and Ljubljana airport with them. I'm also reading AeroSafety world online magazine and am following and flightglobal rss feeds. If it is worth anything, I've also seen all AirCrash Investigation tv documentaries and IVTV dvds. I also asked our ATC for their SOP documents but was understandably denied the request as they're internal documents.

The most pressing problem of ATC today is how to increase the capacity of airways to safely carry more planes (=passengers) from point A to point B. Based on the little information I have available, I put together a sysadmin's view on how I think it should be done.