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  • Spirals
    With my curiosity and passion for innovation I often discover patterns around me that appear as pendulum motion, from one extreme to the other, back and forth. Plotted on
  • RDMA and Brain computers
    Recently I've been doing some work in the HPC world. Doing that naturally includes some preparation and get-to-know browsing of the popular news sites related to the topic
  • Redundancy is not everything
    Years ago when I was still maintaining highly available server clusters and thinking how to improve them, I learned quickly that redundancy of the servers by itself only b
  • How I see modern Air Traffic Control
    A few years ago I started expanding and overlapping my hobbies. Obvious overlap between being a system administrator (and integrator and architect) and flying is Air traff
  • Software "design"
    It all started with me having too much free time at my workplace. So I started researching about homebrew autopilots for model planes, that led me to software that runs av
  • My thoughts on antispam
    Everyone knows spam today. There are estimations that it makes more than 90% of all email traffic. Judging by my personal spam collection, spam is on constant increase. I
  • Rants ...
    Recently my iBook was stolen (straight from my office, no less) and I took a look around if there's any notebook that I could replace it with. I'm looking for a light and
  • Eye candy vs. usefulness ...
    Yesterday we had an interesting talk at our weekly meetings of a local web community , regarding flash vs. standard html pages. I won't comment the talk here, but rather m

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