Rants ...

11 09 06 - 11:42

Recently my iBook was stolen (straight from my office, no less) and I took a look around if there's any notebook that I could replace it with. I'm looking for a light and small enough notebook to carry around that can run on its batteries for the longest possible time. I think I'd also like to have the ugliest notebook around (so no one would be tempted to steal it) and if it is in persoalised and unique in some obvious way, even better. Panasonic toughbook comes pretty close to that, but it is waaay too expensive.
But what I wanted to tell you is this. I checked web sites of all major notebook manufacturers and were shocked at how bad they were. I know what I want to buy, so I want the web site to let me input my requirements and then show me the products that match my requiremets best. None were even close to that. Shame.
Then, because I know how to translate my requirements to specific hardware configurations. I expected those web sites to select their models by the hardware. Again, no luck. All they do is offer you a list of their models (name + number) and then you have to dig the small print to get the hw specs. But I don't care about names and model numbers! I want a notebook with such and such configuration and I want a choice based on that.

Thinking over this again, I see a large business opportunity here :)

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